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People like us make impact like this

Our projects make meaningful, local and regenerative change.


Step on the Earth lightly, care for it deeply.

Rural Waste Management

Long-term awareness framework for intercommunity waste recycling and composting system to create a circular economy. Muyuna Foundation aims to scale up this model from the lodge to the Yanayacu basin, incentivizing behavior change and creating a new market for community autonomy.


Muyuna Foundation is committed in accompanying students of all ages throughout their primary and secondary public academic experience. Our dedicated staff and volunteers offer tutoring services, youth development workshops, and education programs such as our

Regenerative Botanical

Amazon gardening conditions requires extensive care: from soil conditioning with locally produced compost to mixing our own organic insecticides. In this space we learn about permacultural practices, effective land management practices, and traditional Amazonian botanical alchemy.

Collaborative Work For Change

Facilitating a collaborative work model between Muyuna and San Juan de Yanayacu where design, management, financement and labor are shared between both shareholders. “Together we are able to make our dreams reality,” and under this realization, we invite you to participate in this construction.


14 empowered kids committed to regenerative learning and stewardship.

Nature is involved in every aspect of life in Amazon riverine communities. Join our environmental stewardship team and engage in community outreach efforts for and with a local group of young environmentalists “Regeneradores Yanayacu”.