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Academic Reinforcement Tutoring


Public institutions have struggled to manage schools in rural Amazon communities, resulting in poor, sometimes non-existent education.

Muyuna Foundation’s extracurricular tutoring project aims to academically support high school students in San Juan De Yanayacu through sessions designed with a focus on Project-Based Learning (PBL) methodology.
In 2023, we conducted a socio-academic diagnostic revealing local students were performing at a primary school level, far below their academic standing
Since then, our education team has been dedicated to academically level HS students through reinforcement extracurricular tutoring services. – Objectively giving students, the opportunity to attend college after graduation.

Local Opportunity – In a country where higher education admissions is dictated by scoring in admission exams, we can facilitate graduates to become competitive in college admission tests

Education takes time and dedication, organizational efforts to sustain support remain daily.

MF currently allocates extracurricular tutoring sessions for 24 local HS students from the San Juan de Yanayacu community within the Tamishyacu-Tahuayo reserve, starting from January 2023. The positive student engagement drives our daily involvement in local education, as their participative nature reflects a strong desire to overcome academic challenges. In light of a socio-academic diagnostic conducted in October 2023 indicating poor academic standing, MF remains committed to leveling students towards their academic goals through these ongoing reinforcement extracurricular tutoring sessions.
  • Housing a tutor at the MF headquarters consistently to be onsite with the students every week.
  • Recruit and work with volunteers in reaching the Peruvian Amazon to serve as tutoring assistants or help us in designing weekly lesson plans.
  • Creating weekly interactive, culturally appropriate educational lesson plans geared towards academic reinforcement of their current level, guiding them to successively harder ones, and eventually reaching their grade level.
  • Progress-monitoring each participant by evaluating their performance in tutoring sessions.
  • Applying the learn through projects methodology to reinforce Enviornmental education workshops (such as birdwatching, conservation campaigns, research, data collection, and project planning.
  • Extracurricular enrichment and arts & craft workshops to develop interpersonal skills like self-expression and creativity.

Social Education in rural Peru, and furthermore in the Amazon jungle, is a problem rather than an opportunity, an every-day dilemma faced by our youth. When graduating H.S, their eductional competence is far below urban schools, so entering higher education, in a country that values score-based admissions, is ilusion to those whose learning depends on a degraded educactional sytem. Our community-based educational model and dedicated staff, positively influences a variety of academic and interpersonal skills to objectively level student academic standing to national standards.

Enviornmental“There is no environmental regeneration without educational regeneration.The majority of tutoring and enrichment extracurricular sessions aim to enhance student environmental awareness, stewardship application creativity, and outdoor data collecting skills as nature is most of the student’s favorite topic, we reinforce educational skills through discovering more about nature.

Educational and Youth Development – We provide safe spaces for learning, where students can feel comfortable about trying their best and not having to worry about failing. There is an immense level of respect between educators, students, and the greater community as together we are tackling this generational issue of needing to achieve a higher academic standing to compete with students from the city, to then compete for a spot in local universities or other higher education institutions and opt out of a subsistence lifestyle.

VoluntourismMF counts with professional educators readily accepting volunteers ready to take a leap into the Amazon and contribute to the educational experience of students and other learners in the Yanayacu River basin.

As an organization, we’ve been offering various complimentary education extracurricular activities since the beginning of 2023 and since 2024, we’re centering our efforts in providing academic reinforcement tutoring services.

Summer Camp

Safe, Inspirational, Educational Spaces

During the 2023 High School Summer vacation in Ayacucho-Tapishca, Muyuna Foundation funded an academic and student enrichment camp, focusing on core academic subjects and introducing workshops to develop interpersonal skills among 50 students.
  • 4 volunteer educators from around world participated
  • 3 weeks, Monday through Thursday summer camp engagement
  • 3 communities participated
  • 16 served breakfasts

Enviornmental Education Adventures

Birdwatching, Guided Tours, Data Collection, & More

Since November 2022, Muyuna Foundation consistently takes the “Regenerators of Yanayacu,” out on environmental education-centred excursions to awaken their interests and feed their curiosity with mother nature’s wonders which surrounds every aspect of their lives.
  • 20+ birdwathching outings
  • 1 waste local waste management program
  • 3 compost workshops

Extracurricular Activities

English Classes, Tutoring, Book Club

Extracurricular tutoring and extracurricular recreational activities allow students to extend their learning platform outside of the limited school hours available to them. Longer exposure helps students stay engaged academically, while simultaneously improving their interpersonal skills
  • 100+ English classes -> 7 students achieving moderate-English oral communication skills.
  • 24 highschoolers are currently assisting the academic leveling tutoring services.

Our efforts look like this