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Empower local communities

Are you looking for a unique way to travel and make a positive impact?
Our voluntourism program offers a one-of-a-kind experience in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest.

The ins & outs

  • Participate in on-going non-profit projects critical for its operations, community empowerment and environmental conservation.
  • Includes airport transfer, lodging, full-board meals and amenities in Muyuna Amazon Lodge
  • Develop and learn new skills by choosing challenging roles in the various projects you would like to opt for
  • 7 days in the Tamischyacu-Tahuayo Conservation area, 6 days of work, 3 guided excursions into the Amazon River and forest, and 1 day of rest

What projects do we run?

Waste System & Composting
Community-based Education
Regenerative Botanical Garden
Collaborative Work Model

Voluntourism at a glance

Your opportunity to make lasting, caring change.

Day 1: (L/D)
  • Transfer by land from your hotel or the airport to Muyuna offices in Iquitos.
  • 10:00 am approx. we depart by road and river to Muyuna lodge.
  • Arrive at the Lodge and have lunch (1:00 pm)
  • Break
  • Team reunion for daily activities
  • Activity chosen by you (Gardening/Composting & Community Waste Management/Education/Community Construction)
  • Break
  • Dinner (7:00 pm)
  • Night Recap
Day 2: (B/L/D)
  • Breakfast (6:30 am)
  • Team reunion for daily activities
  • Activity chosen by you (Gardening/Composting & Community Waste Management/Education/Community Construction)
  • Lunch (12:00 pm)
  • Break
  • Activity chosen by you (Gardening/Composting & Community Waste Management/Education/Community Construction)
  • Break
  • Dinner (7:00 pm)
  • Night Recap

Day 3: (B/L/D)

See full voluntourism itinerary below:
  • Land and Boat transportation from Iquitos – Lodge and back
  • Full-board vegetarian/vegan meals (extra charge if meat options), as well as tea, coffee, water, and fruits for snacks.
  • Kayaking Kayaks, Paddles, Canoes, Hammocks, library, board games and other lodge amenities for rest times
  • Shared Bungalow facing either river or forest with private bathroom and terrace
  • 1 day-off to explore into the Amazon River and Forest
  • Safety – rubber boots, antivenom, experienced locals, and necessary safety accessories for project tasks
Not included:
  • Long-sleeve shirts and long pants which are highly necessary
  • Travel insurance or health insurance
  • Monetary donations
  • Bar (beer, sodas, etc)
  • Raincoat, water bottles, hats, binoculars, and other personal expedition gear
  • Transportation off of Muyuna’s schedule
Prices are all inclusive for 7 days
  • $500 per person for 7 days, only available during pre-scheduled dates.

Money is directly allocated for covering operational costs like lodging, food, transport, and sustaining a social enterprise model for Muyuna Foundation.

If you’d like to know how money is allocated, please visit our Contribute site.

We’ve been waiting to answer this question for long time
  • Make real impact. This program creates a tangible, positive impact on the Amazonian communities we work with. Through our regenerative approach, education initiatives, and community projects, volunteers can make a real difference in the lives of the people and wildlife of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest.
  • Immersive cultural experience. This provides an immersive cultural experience that goes beyond traditional tourism. By working alongside local people and assessing local needs, volunteers gain a deep understanding of local culture and a new perspective on the world.
  • Personal growth. Our voluntourism program is not just about making a positive impact on the world; it’s also about personal growth. Volunteers will learn new skills, build relationships, and gain a sense of accomplishment and purpose that will stay with them long after they leave.
  • Be & do the change you want to see in this world. Make something your family and friends will be proud of. Join our Voluntourism program and make a positive impact on the environment and local communities.

Our Location: Immerse Yourself In The Heart Of The Amazon River

Located in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, Muyuna Lodge is located in between Ayacucho and San Juan de Yayanacu riverside rural communities, members of the ACR – Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Communal Reserve dedicated to wildlife and cultural conservation.

Apply for voluntourism here!

Once you fill out the form and we finish birdwatching… we’ll reach out to sign up on the next steps.

Volunteer testimonials

After we’re done working together, you will be eager to write your own version here. That’s our promise.

Anna, 39, USA

March 2023

Volunteering at Muyuna is a life-changing experience that connects you to nature and reminds you of what is true. The magic of the place transforms you and plugs you into everything else, then back into yourself. It’s like turning up the color saturation of your life, making the shared soil and life with the plants and animals more obvious and affectionate.

After volunteering at Muyuna, the Muyuna-effect remains in you and becomes a completely new backdrop of your life, where you explore a refreshed and necessary version of yourself. You become energized, adventurous, and fully immersed in the jungle, feeling your contribution and what matters. Being an author in your own new story is an exciting journey you want to share with others.

Spending time at Muyuna helps you see how place specifically and magically both transforms us and reminds us of what is true. By plugging into this specific place, we plug into everything else, then, amazingly, back into ourselves.

Ayscha, 27, Switzerland

March 2023

After my time at Muyuna, I have come to realize the pressing need for diverse, process-oriented teaching across the globe. Witnessing the impact of teaching that caters to the needs and interests of students has been an enlightening and inspiring experience. The young minds at Muyuna, with their exceptional respect for each other and their willingness to learn, have motivated me to acknowledge the importance of imparting not just factual knowledge but life skills. Discovering oneself, regulating emotions, influencing the world, and setting boundaries are critical aspects that need to be addressed. Working with foreign cultures is a delicate balance between welcoming new “colors” and respecting their ways of life. I now see the significance of listening, reflecting, and communicating to navigate this terrain smoothly.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The project Muyuna is working towards sustainability in the rainforest, waste separation, recycling, and education, what may seem like a drop in the ocean is actually the planting of a seed.

Andres, 32, Peru

March 2023

I see spirits eager to connect, to integrate, to learn. Now I see a lot of potential and beauty. I feel that the members of the community have that particular touch of nobility, curiosity and innocence that is not appreciated in the cities, where everyone is always on the defensive, more competitive and procarious. I feel a lot of respect after this experience, and I am excited about the change they are bringing about.